Vietnam War

 Vietnam Conflict Essay

Vietnam War Study Paper and Project

Your Mission: Choose a topic of interest on the Vietnam War. I've provided a directory of various topics below these types of instructions. From that list choose one that that appeals to you. I will consider other considerate topic alternatives not in the list, but any of these should be approved by me personally!

Second: Once you have your theme narrow it down. Avoid having this kind of a broad matter that you are swimming with data. Make sure you include a clear and concise thesis that both shows the importance of your matter or takes a stand on your own topic. One example is if a person's topic caused the the warfare his/her thesis would be: The primary cause of the Vietnam Warfare was the instability of government associations between the North and South Vietnamese.

Third: You can write a 3-4 page research paper focused around the thesis declaration and featuring evidence to back up your thesis statement. You can use MLA format and follow the KHS Style Guidebook guidelines intended for formatting your paper. Attached is the rubric that I will use in determining your daily news. You are to ATTACH the rubric to your final newspaper for evaluation

Fourth: You can expect to teach the class what you have learned about your topic in a well-constructed PowerPoint or perhaps Prezi-style demonstration. Your business presentation will be assessed according to a separate rubric that you will get before you begin organizing your lessons. You have an obligation to your classmates to be attentive. Everyone will probably be responsible for evaluating each display and giving constructive reviews to speakers.

Along the way you should have check factors for the different drafts. Nevertheless , it is your responsibility to complete this paper and presentation. Some of the work will be finished away from class. We will only have a few class periods to work on it in school. Prepare accordingly!!

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