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KJB101 – Assessment a couple of, Website Research


Those sites that have been assessed are types pertaining to Weight problems in Australia. The three sites I have chosen are definitely the Parliamentary Selection, Kate Lundy's Homepage and Measure Up. Information on the Writers is reported on the register.

The Perspective I was looking for with these sites pertains to information concerning wether or not Overweight really is a injury in Australia of course, if so is there significant information to discover how to proceed if you are obese or in danger.

Website one particular

Parliament of Australia – Parliamentary Collection


Physique 1 . 1

Check List


The URL is a legitimate. gov address which is extremely hard to acquire or monitor. Therefore this provides you with the website credit rating and power.

Linked to a great institution

This can be the official Parliamentary site pertaining to Australia. We have a clear list of sources at the end of the website (

Footnotes or working links

You will discover footnotes, including basic copyright and legal information.

Recognized experts

Mandy Biggs, Older Researcher, Division of Parliamentary Services.

Outlined elsewhere

The webpage is listed at the Aussie Policy Online LinkBoard (


No advertising, showing no devotion or tasks to any individual but themselves.


Certainly, Mandy Biggs is individually contactable.

Professional appearance

The site is very specialist in appearance additionally it is very specialized medical. This is because this can be a parliamentary catalogue document hence the use of multimedia or shiny colours may not be ideal.

Clear producing

The writing is very clunky with some slight grammatical errors.


This content has not been updated since 2007

Overall Reliability Depth, Interactivity and Interconnectivity

Overall, this website is very credible, being an official parliamentary library document written by a mature researcher. The page adopts significant depth and puts forward a solid argument with links which can be relevant and back up the points produced. The site provides little to no interactivity.

Website a couple of

Tackling Overweight – Senator Kate Lundy


Figure 2 . one particular



The URL can be registered to Kate Lundy therefore it is personal page (Figure 2 . 2).


Physique 2 . 2

Linked to an institution

Kate Lundy was once elected the Labor senator for the ACT and is still the member of many parliamentary committees.

Footnotes or perhaps working links

No footnotes, however every links work.

Identified experts

Kate Lundy -

Listed in other places


Zero advertising, proving no fidelity or duties to anyone but very little.


Certainly, Kate is personally contactable

Professional overall look

Not very professional in appearance, seems like a DO-IT-YOURSELF job (Figure 2 . 1)

Clear publishing

The writing is very clear and free from transliteration and sentence structure mistakes.


The web page in question is definitely an adjournment speech given in 2003, therefore not very current. However the site is new and features media produces from 2009.

Overall Trustworthiness Depth, Interactivity and Interconnectivity

Although not because credible since an official. gov site, with Kate Lundy's credentials and experience it will make her an expert on the matter. She really does go into significant depth and raises her points quite convincingly. On the other hand non-e from the information is definitely backed up with links, there exists quite a bit of interactivity involved in the web page but none that would be helpful to the topic. Interactivity is all yet non-existent.

Internet site 3

Measure Up


Determine 3. one particular



The URL can be described as...

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