With each other We Stand Outline

 Together We all Stand Summarize Essay

Together We Stand Outline

Crew A:

Hum/114 Creative Thinking


Dr . Fontenot


oTalk about features and benefits of the community

Beautiful golf course


Manmade lakes

oDiscuss fact that you will discover extensive and similar illnesses in the community between both adults and children •Body

oDiscuss what illnesses are

Types of ailments

How they are really typically caught

•Contact an expert on the diseases and find out as much info as is feasible (Ruggiero, 2009) oWhat would be the links among families

Do any of the households work in areas that would uncover them to chance of contracting these types of deceases? Any families related?

oResearch Creation planning and execution from the community Who was the development company?

•Have they ever had any hazardous practices prior to?

oInterview community politicians

oCall the Bbb

•What are there practices when developing the community for cleaning waste materials? oLook for eyewitness testimony (Ruggiero, 2009)

Interview other family members in communities built by the development company Interview former employees

•Use their personal experiences while using company (Ruggiero, 2009) oDiscuss ways that the city could reach a possible solution for the business to implement to settle the situation. Extensive tests (experimenting) coming from all water methods and likely contamination sites (Ruggiero, 2009) If contamination sites are located

•Company to facilitate clean up of community

•Company to pay reparations to unwell families

oTo include setting up a substantial trust account for households that may become ill in a certain amount of the time from at this point out. •Company to pay for new house purchase if necessary of families afflicted with ailments •Company to implement and execute some form of awareness advertising campaign in the metropolis •Conclusion

oState that the community has to group together and make sure all methods are fatigued to find out the fundamental cause of...

Sources: Ruggiero, Versus. R. (2009). The art of pondering. A guide to crucial and innovative thought (9th ed. ).: Longman

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