Women Essay

Week Beginning

Learning Objectives

Evidence of Accomplishment In class contact hours & Assessments (48 hours) Self-employed Learning (52 hours) G& V: CAE UI p. 92 activity 1 ex girlfriend or boyfriend. 1 . 2, 2 . 1& p. 93 ex. some. W& G & V: e-learning review essay producing. -writing/tpara1. html -writing/tpara2. html W: Exercises on thesis statement: ish/langan/sentence_skills/exercises/c h03/p1exd. htm R& V: Ca?man Blood and Antibiotics elearning + CAE UI p. 16-19 section 6, g. 26-28 R& L: Identifying Plagiarism CAE UI g. 70 ex girlfriend or boyfriend. 1 and p. seventy two ex. three or more. 1 elearning: Student's tips for how to avoid plagiarism audio + ppt


G& Sixth is v: review grammar items covered in session 1 . ILO 1 . W1 W& G & Versus: Reinforcement: overview of essay structure and organization& avoiding duplication. Share Composing rubric with students. ILOs 1, two and four. V: Formal vs Relaxed (academic compared to non-academic ) S: Fluency and Formulating the appropriate terminology for a debate and delivering findings via authentic options ILOs a few, 5 and 6.

G: Grammar Review in class: addressing differentiation. Pertain students to Language Bunch on e-learning main Advanced page based on language requires. W& G & Versus: review section and essay structure, business, coherence, use of appropriate transitions and lexical variation. Observe CAE UI p. 20-21, 82-83. V: Formal compared to Informal CAE UI l. 13, sixty-five, 130 -- reinforcement

Cambridge Academic English Upper More advanced – Hewings & McCarthy -student's publication.

Language load up e-learning science/english/langan/se ntence_skills/exercises/ch 03/p1exd. htm llc/academicwriting/tpara1. html

R& V: Skimming identifying the sequence of ideas, learning the implicit symbolism, inferring this is of words, vocabulary building: adjectives. ILOs 2 and 3. Academics Honesty & Plagiarism: (Recognizing Plagiarism)

S: Activity Getting Someone Who.. 3rd there’s r & V: Behaving how we Do CAE UI p. 82-84. Academic Honesty & Plagiarism: CAE URINARY INCONTINENCE p. 14, 14, 12-15, 47, 70-71. (Recognizing Plagiarism)

7thFebruary, 2013 Final – updated and updated once again at 4pm *Please note that this summarize has considered the Mid-semester Break 31st March – 4th 04 2013 into mind.

Week Beginning

Learning Aims

Evidence of Achievement In class get in touch with hours & Assessments (48 hours) Impartial Learning (52 hours) G & Sixth is v: CAE URINARY INCONTINENCE p. 37 W: elearning Language Bunch writing a plan for compare and contrast essay. Successful Writing 2 p. 109-115 W: Powerful Writing two: Editing your writing s. 121-124 former mate 1-6



S& V: Formulating the appropriate vocabulary and note-taking for a well prepared topic to get discussion in preparation pertaining to the final Speaking assessment. ILOs 5& 2 V: compare vocabulary ILO 2

S& V: Select a compare and contrast theme for speaking– introduce terminology for compare Selecting a Subject – essay 1 Compare W& G& V: Idea Topic + Outline head mapping on paper V: Compare connectors/transitions W& G: phrase connectors CAE UI l. 64 strengthening Writing an Introduction- Exercises 1- 5 ntroduction/exmenu_introduction. php W& G& Sixth is v: writing Draft 1 + Feedback Student support *Avoiding repetition CAE UI l. 92 Feedback- Body CAE UI g. 35 *Conclusion+ Feedback CAE p. 88, 89

Powerful Writing a couple of Language Bunch Intermediate Language pack – elearning Cambridge Academic English Upper More advanced – Hewings & McCarthy student's publication. Writing an IntroductionExercises 1- 4 /erc/writing/introduction/exm enu_introduction. php

W& G& V: Writing an Outline for a Compare essay. ILOs 1, two & four. W& G: sentence connectors ILOs 1 and some W& G& V: Presenting similarities and differences with regards to relevant backlinks devices of compare and contrast. formal Vs casual language ILOs 1, two & some. W& G & Sixth is v: Writing a Compare...

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nazi Article

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 Marijuana Legalization and Nationwide Debt Composition

Marijuana Legalization and Nationwide Debt Composition

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