Seminar 4 Discussion Questions

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Workshop 4 Debate Questions

Part Six

six. What is intended by the term safety time?

The term basic safety time identifies scheduling purchases for appearance and/or conclusion ahead of the tie they are required. A sufficient amount of safety time eliminates and/or reduces the chance of waiting for things needed to fulfill an order (Stevenson, 2012).

9. Precisely what are some of the main advantages and limitations of MRP?

A number of the main benefits of MRP happen to be: 1 . ) the ability to discover specific parts and keep track of material requirements; 2 . ) the ability to examine capacity produced by a grasp schedule; 3. ) low levels of in-process or pending inventories and determine precise unit figures needed; some. ) the means of releasing production time; and 5. ) the ability to determine the dates when ever orders should be released depending on lead times (Stevenson, 2012).

Some limits of MRP are: 1 ) ) MRP tried to do too much in software that cannot withstand all the time, such as dynamic, and quite often jumpy systems; and installment payments on your ) MRP has not managed well in various service applications (Stevenson, 2012).

15. How does the purpose of ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANNING differ from the goal of MRP 2?

The purpose of ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANNING differs in the purpose of MRP II while MRP 2 is an expanded means for production source planning. MRP II involved other areas of the firm in the planning process, while as well enabling capacity requirements planning. ERP is a combination of economical, manufacturing, and human resources all in a single computer system. ERP is mostly used for standardized record keeping, which is unlike MRP 2 (Stevenson, 2012).


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