Zeocon Case Study

 Zeocon Case Study Research Conventional paper

Beirut, Summer 17, 2012



Faculty of Business and Economics

Advanced Marketing Management ( MKT 500)

Spring Term 2012

Circumstance Analysis: Zoecon Corporation

Professor: Dr . Ziad F. Haddad

By: Suram Khreiss



Zoecon company was found in 1968 in California By simply Dr . Carl Djerassi in order to research endocrinological methods of bug population control. It was attained by Sandoz LTD developer of pharmaceuticals, agrichemichals, hues, and dyes. Zoecon's quest was to always be the promoting arm of their producer in the animal health and insect control areas. Zoecon sells various products beneath different brands as unveiled in display 1 . They sell animal overall health products to small dog veterinarians and clinics, infestation control chemical compounds for domestic animals, insecticides pertaining to household pets and pest control to supermarkets, family pet stores, and pest control companies. Finally, they also sell chemical compounds to companies engaged in promoting pest control products for the consumer industry. The products focus on consumer, and pest control market. The newest objectives emphasized a focus in high financial-return products and businesses, and to present insecticides which have been safer to your family. The difference in the focus of research and development by new bug adulticides which in turn kill mature insects to chemical compounds that disrupt bug reproduction was at an attempt in order to meet the demand of customers' elevating concerns intended for safer chemical substances. Zoecon's items are distributed in the U. S industry where many of these of cockroach insecticide were sold. Yet , executives acquired aims to broaden more inside the U. T market and go International in 1987.

Case Analysis:

The matter in the corporation was to examine and talk about the test marketplace results for the Affect ROACH ENDER, after it absolutely was placed in a consumer test marketplace for 6 months in the cities that represent the 19 city marketplace. The metropolitan areas were Charleston, South Carolina, Beaumont, Texas, Charlotte now, North Carolina, and New Orleans, Louisiana. Your decision is how they may best spend technical, monetary, and advertising resources for all their IGR substances. Suggestions were discussed, some executives called for consumer industry expansion together with the ROACH ENDER, others said that the company should certainly concentrate their effort on opportunities in the pest control market. Likewise, some management suggested the fact that company will need to reconsider any kind of plans to promote the product itself, whereby Zoecon should sell its IGR compound to firms who are positively engaged in achieving the consumer insecticide market. These types of firms included d-Con firm, S. C Johnson and son ( Raid), and Boyle-Midway Label of American residence products ( Black Flag).

SWOT Evaluation:


Zoecon has its own products divided between adulticides and expansion regulators that kill fleas, cockroaches, mice, mice, bots, rodents, crickets, and others. Pest Growth Regulators are man-made analogs that prevent the continuity of the reproductive cycle in fleas, so when used on cockroaches, it causes them to be incapable of recreating. This unique and high tech item that Zoecon uses is quite effective in eliminating pest population. Besides, as chemicals, IGR's are less harmful than other compounds typically found in household insecticides since they are substance analogs of juvenile human hormones specific to insects. The scientific cutting-edge Zoecon accomplished in PRECOR and GENCOR provided competitive advantage among competitors. The unique feature of IGR's would be that the immediate associated with an application are generally not observable. Another thing is the company's ability to make products intended for the two market segments; the consumer and the infestations control market whereby sales were expected to increase at an typical rate of 10% each year through 1990. Zoecon products had controlled the market as we detect a very high market share in the organizations who promote their...

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